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Stop Stress® – stress protection formula

Formula of 17 essential ingredients: vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbs.

5.50 €

Price for two packages. Without VAT.


Stop Stress® — formula of 17 essential ingredients: vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbs. Anxiety and stress decrease our strength. We become irritable, short-tempered. Our actions, are irrational. During stress, we can hardly concentrate on the important issue or problem, and wemake a wrong decision. The whole body is out of balance, which further leads to serious diseases of the nervous system. The result - mistakes at work or at school, conflicts with colleagues and lack of understanding in the family. Tension tightened, disturbed sleep, depression arises, and you are exhausted, problems and failures haunt you.

Stop Stress® relieves irritability, improves mood, normalizes sleep, you become more active.

The nervous system is secured with Stop Stress®.

Stop Stress® — say STOP to stress!

Suggested usage of Stop Stress®

Adults, 2 capsules 1-2 times a day with or after food.

Duration of use
Stop Stress® recommended to use for no less than 30 days. Repeat the course as needed.

Nutritional value

*Nutrient Reference Value


Promotes the normal functioning of the nervous system and normal psychological functions.
The product consists of medicinal plants, a natural bioregulator of essential amino acids.
Stop Stress® Night
Stop Stress® Night Strong

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