Flex® – joint, cartilage and bone health

Glucosamine + Chondroitin + Hyaluronic acid

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Bone and joint health play a crucial role in determining our overall quality of life. The joint surfaces in our bodies are protected by cartilage, and to minimize mechanical friction, they are enveloped in a joint capsule known as synovia. This capsule releases synovial fluid to further reduce friction. Hyaluronic acid, a key component of synovial fluid, is composed of aggrecan molecules containing chondroitin, keratin, and other elements. However, the fundamental building blocks of articular cartilage are chondrocyte cells and collagen fibers.

Flex® contains Glucosamine, one of the components of articular cartilage; Chondroitin, a natural polymer in the cartilage and connective tissue of joints; MSM – organic sulphur compounds; and vitamin C*, which promotes the normal production of collagen, which is needed for normal bone and cartilage function.

Joint, cartilage and bone health

Suggested usage of Flex®

For adults 1 capsule twice a day or 2 capsules once a day with or after food.

Duration of use
Recommended up to 3 months. Repeat the course as needed.

Nutritional value

*Nutrient Reference Value


Contains a complex of vitamins and minerals.
Designed for the cardiovascular system. Complex of 27 nutrient.
Kardio Start®

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